DENTISTRY BOOK: Nitrous Oxide in Pediatric Dentistry: A Clinical Handbook - 2020

This clinical handbook is a complete guide to the use of nitrous oxide when performing dental procedures in children.

Nitrous oxide offers the easiest and safest form of pharmacological behavior management in this age group and can help greatly in reducing fear and anxiety toward dentists and dental treatment. 

Importantly, its use in children differs from that in adults, owing in part to the need for appropriate behavior management skills. In considering a range of clinical scenarios in which nitrous oxide is of value, this book will support clinicians in their daily practice.

All aspects are covered, including rationale, basic science, mechanism of action, equipment, scavenging systems, technique, monitoring, safety, toxicity, documentation, and team building. 

uidance is also provided on the use of nitrous oxide in special pediatric populations requiring oral health care. 

The book is supplemented by videos that will help readers to comprehend the text easily and to perform the technique efficiently and effectively. 


1. Rationale for Using Nitrous Oxide in Pediatric Dentistry 
Kunal Gupta, Priyanshi Ritwik 
Pages 1-43 

2. Basic Properties of Nitrous Oxide Gas 
Amit Sethi, Sumati Bhalla, Kunal Gupta 
Pages 45-75 

3. Mechanism of Action of Nitrous Oxide 
Dimitrios Emmanouil 
Pages 77-108 

4. Technical Considerations for the Use of Nitrous Oxide in Pediatric Dentistry 
Justin Lee, Kunal Gupta 
Pages 109-150 

5. Clinical Application of Nitrous Oxide in Pediatric Dentistry 
Kunal Gupta, Priyanshi Ritwik 
Pages 151-206 

6. Risks of Nitrous Oxide 
Kunal Gupta, Amit Sethi 
Pages 207-240 

7. Sedation Using Nitrous Oxide in Children with Special Health Care Needs 
Priyanshi Ritwik 
Pages 241-256 

8. Past, Current, and Future of Nitrous Oxide Usage in Pediatric Dentistry 
Amit Sethi, Jyotsna Gupta 
Pages 257-277

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