DENTISTRY BOOKS: Foundations of Periodontics for the Dental Hygienist, Enhanced 5th Edition - 2020

Comprehensive and easy-to-understand, Foundations of Periodontics for the Dental Hygienist, Enhanced 5th Edition equips dental hygiene students with up-to-date, evidence-based coverage of periodontal anatomy, the periodontal disease process, and classifications of periodontal disease.

Rather than presenting information in narrative style, the author―a leading expert in the field―uses a detailed outline format, making the information easier to read, understand, and reference.

Rich with engaging learning features and student resources, the Enhanced 5th Edition has been revised and updated throughout to reflect the hygienist's increasingly important role in periodontal therapy and to help students confidently apply what they’ve learned to clinical patient care situations. 

Table of Contents 

Part 1 The Periodontium in Health 

Chapter 1 Periodontium: The Tooth-Supporting Structures 
Chapter 2 Microscopic Anatomy of the Periodontium 

Part 2 Diseases Affecting the Periodontium 

Chapter 3 Overview of Diseases of the Periodontium 
Chapter 4 Classification of Periodontal and Peri-Implant Diseases and Conditions 
Chapter 5 Clinical Features of the Gingiva 
Chapter 6 Periodontal Health, Gingival Diseases and Conditions 
Chapter 7 Periodontitis 
Chapter 8 Other Conditions Affecting the Periodontium 
Chapter 9 Peri-Implant Health and Diseases 
Chapter 10 Clinical Decision-Making for Periodontal Care 

Part 3 Risk Factors for Periodontal Diseases 

Chapter 11 Shared Decision-Making for Periodontal Care 
Chapter 12 Etiologic Factors: Risk for Periodontal Disease 
Chapter 13 Oral Biofilms 
Chapter 14 Basic Concepts of Immunity and Inflammation 
Chapter 15 Host Immune Response to Plaque Biofilm 
Chapter 16 Systemic Risk Factors That Amplify Susceptibility to Periodontal Disease 
Chapter 17 Local Factors Contributing to Periodontal Disease 
Chapter 18 Nutrition, Inflammation, and Periodontal Disease 
Chapter 19 Tobacco, Smoking, and Periodontal Disease 

Part 4 Assessment and Planning for Patients with Periodontal Disease 

Chapter 20 Clinical Periodontal Assessment 
Chapter 21 Radiographic Analysis of the Periodontium 
Chapter 22 Best Practices for Periodontal Care 

Part 5 Implementation of Therapy for Patients with Periodontal Disease 

Chapter 23 Iatrosedation: Easing and Managing Pediatric Patient Fears 
Chapter 24 Nonsurgical Periodontal Therapy 
Chapter 25 Patient’s Role in Nonsurgical Periodontal Therapy 
Chapter 26 Supragingival and Subgingival Irrigation 
Chapter 27 Chemical Agents in Periodontal Care 
Chapter 28 Host Modulation Therapy 
Chapter 29 Periodontal Surgical Concepts for the Dental Hygienist 
Chapter 30 Acute Periodontal Conditions 
Chapter 31 Periodontal Disease in the Pediatric Population 

Part 6 Health Maintenance in Treated Periodontal Patients 

Chapter 32 Encouraging Patient Behavior Change With Motivational Interviewing 
Chapter 33 Maintenance for the Periodontal Patient 
Chapter 34 Impact of Periodontitis on Systemic Health 

Part 7 Other Aspects of the Management of Patients with Periodontal Diseases 

Chapter 35 Documentation and Insurance Reporting of Periodontal Care 
Chapter 36 Future Directions for Management of Periodontal Patients 

Part 8 Comprehensive Patient Cases 

Chapter 37 Comprehensive Patient Cases 

Part 9 Online Resources 

Chapter 38 Patient Cases: Radiographic Analysis

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