PDF: Oral rehabilitation in pediatric dentistry: a clinical case report

Despite the emphasis and effort devoted to preventive dentistry, massive coronal destruction caused by dental caries or trauma is still seen in pediatric dentistry practice today.

The technical difficulties related to dental treatment are compounded by problems related to the behavior of young patients in these circumstances, which brings the need for a broader understanding of behavior management techniques and certain skills in dealing with patients by dental practitioners, aimed at ensuring the well-being of both patient and dentist during treatment. 

This case report presents and discusses the scientific rationale for the treatment options adopted, considering the techniques and materials already established for aesthetic rehabilitation of adult patients (such as resins, glass-fiber posts, and glass ionomers), and now employed and adapted for pediatric dental care, that would best suit the clinical situation described. 

At the end of treatment, the patient achieved full rehabilitation and a restored smile, through the use of modern techniques and materials, while the dental practitioner gained a better understanding of the optimal treatment possibilities and strategies for similar cases.

Premature loss of the anterior deciduous teeth due to dental caries or trauma causes a series of oral problems, ranging from disorders of mastication and speech to loss of space. 

In addition, authors have highlighted the importance of dental aesthetics and presence of the anterior teeth for proper childhood psychological development, which may be influenced by starting school at increasingly early ages and by interaction with other children. 

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