PDF: An Overview of Dental Impression Disinfection Techniques: A Literature Review

Dental impressions can act as vehicle for various types of micro-organisms E.g. Hepatitis B, C, HIV, Mycobacterium, Herpes simplex, Ebola, MERS-CoV etc.

The most effective way to prevent their spread through dental impression is to make the impression sterile just after coming out of mouth. 

Various methods of impression disinfection have been described in literature having their own advantages, disadvantages and effects on impression material.

In order to enhance the knowledge and improve the behavior of dental health care workers about impression disinfection, a structured literature review of the current disinfection techniques has been carried out. 

It will also provide knowledge about mechanism of action, concentration of usage along with commercial preparations available of different disinfectants. 

The aim of this literature review is to generate an update on the various techniques of impression disinfection along with their mechanism of action and simple guidelines for their usage. 

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