DENTISTRY BOOK: Laminate Veneers - 20 Recipes for Smile Design 1st Edition - 2020

Porcelain laminate veneers (PLVs) have been the most successful minimally invasive indirect prosthodontic application of esthetic dentistry in the last few decades.

When designed and delivered properly, PLVs are the most sparkling, natural-looking manmade (and now digitally designed) form of esthetic dentistry. 

This book was written to help the esthetic dentist in treating unesthetic alignment, color, shape, or form of the teeth - in other words, enhancing the smile while enforcing function and occlusion.

The main idea is to propose a common thread around guided, predictable dentistry and the use of veneers as a versatile restoration tool. The atypical format and original style of this book encourage the reader to think like an architect but act like a dentist to achieve ideal results. 

Rather than bog the reader down in text, this book uses hundreds of pristine photographs, many full-page, to guide the reader through each carefully chosen recipe, focusing on both cosmetic dentistry and reconstruction of worn dentitions. 

The accompanying narrative complements the illustrations in a concise manner that provides a clear framework for the practitioner during reconstruction of the smile. 

In addition, this book has the benefit of augmented reality, as videos downloaded via the book app are revealed as the reader browses the pages. 

1,200 illustrations Contents: 

1. Systematization of the Esthetic Approach 

2. Ingredients: Choosing the Right Ingot 

3. Laminate Veneers: Basic Principles 

4. No Prep Approach: When and How? 

5. Malocclusion: Retroclined Incisors 

6. Malocclusion: Proclined Incisors 

7. Laminate Veneers: Design Failure 

8. Black Triangles and Diastemas 

9. Laminate Veneer for Single Dyschromia 

10. Laminate Veneers for Multiple Dyschromia 

11. Extra-White Laminate Veneers 

12. Congenitally Missing Lateral Incisors 

13. Laminate Veneers and Periodontal Recessions 

14. Veneers and Orthodontics 

15. Mixed Restorations: Veneer/Crown 

16. Implant Considerations 

17. Veneers and Digital Workflow 

18. Veneers and Wear: Prep Less Approach 

19. Veneers and Wear: No Prep Approach 

20. Extreme Wear: Prep Approach 

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