MAXILLARY EXPANDER with the use of Removable Appliance

Maxillary expansion treatments have been used for more than a century to correct maxillary transverse deficiency.

Correction of the transverse discrepancy usually requires expansion of the palate by a combination of orthopedic and orthodontic tooth movements.

Three expansion treatment modalities are used today: rapid maxillary expansion (RME), slow maxillary expansion (SME) and surgically assisted maxillary expansion. 

The clinical conditions indicating maxillary expansion include crossbites, distal molar movement, functional appliance treatment, surgical cases for instance arch coordination or bone grafts, to aid maxillary protraction and mild crowding.

The greatest advantage of removable appliances is that they may be removed by the patient for cleaning or in accordance to the social occasion. 

On the other hand, its greatest disadvantages are: Possible poor patient cooperation in wearing the appliance, interrupted tooth movement, lack of appliance fitting and impossibility of applying intense (orthopedic) forces.

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