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Why do children grind their teeth when they are asleep? Is bruxism an unconscious reaction to stress and anxiety or due to dental problems or even other diseases? What could be the causes of teeth grinding in children?

Bruxism is a parafunctional involuntary activity that can have a variety reasons. It is a common phenomenon in childhood which is known as a type of sleep disorder. This disorder is seen in both primary and secondary types.

In children, certain factors such as mouth breathing, enlargement of the tonsils, high filling restorations, the risk of some diseases, nutritional deficiencies, allergies, intestinal parasite, endocrine disorders, and psychological factors such as anxiety causes bruxism, are involved. 

The common symptoms of this problem can be listed as crown fractures, loosening of the teeth, tooth loss, tooth decay, oral and maxillofacial problems, headaches, TMJ pain and tooth sensitivities.

About ways to eliminate teeth clenching, dentists have different views and in this respect, they still have not been able to find a suitable solution. But the use of a series of recommendations can be effective. 

Since child’s bruxism is a natural reaction to grow, it cannot be prevented in the most cases. On the other hand, stress-induced bruxism is preventable. 

Jaw clenching is very common in children up to 5 years at night. It is sometimes very weak and sometimes severs enough to wake up the parents and siblings. Most often, it causes distress and worries the parents.

If the problem is severing, it may cause dental lesions and malocclusions in the future. Teeth grinding can also be caused due to local, systemic and psychological factors. This disorder is seen in both primary and secondary types. 

In children, usually has been observed in two periods of primary and permanent tooth eruption, and it often disappears in adolescence. To stop or treat bruxism, a series of specific recommendations is proposed that can be effective. 

At the Apple Dental Clinic, these are recommended to parents of children and adolescents. After a period of application of these tips, the results have been convincing. 

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