DENTISTRY ARTICLES: 10 most read in 2021

Our Ovi Dental platform has more than 1500 dental publications, of which we share a list of the most viewed by the dental community.

These 10 Dental Articles were the most downloaded and shared by oral health professionals in 2021:

Despite the emphasis and effort devoted to preventive dentistry, massive coronal destruction caused by dental caries or trauma is still seen in pediatric dentistry practice today.

In addition to normal endodontic procedures, adjunctive strategies may be needed in cases where there is abscess formation.

Humans are diphyodonts, i.e., they have two successive sets of teeth, which we call the primary and the permanent teeth.

Since the beginning of time surgeons have been searching for the substances that can be used to make procedures painless.

The choice of treatment is related to the maturity of the root (open or closed apex) and the condition of the periodontal ligament (PDL) cells.

This study investigated how patient safety during dental treatment was affected by promoting the practice of measuring blood pressure and arterial blood oxygen saturation before and after dental treatment.

Dental implantology has been considered as one of the most accepted treatment modalities for the rehabilitation of missing teeth.

Why do children grind their teeth when they are asleep? Is bruxism an unconscious reaction to stress and anxiety or due to dental problems or even other diseases? What could be the causes of teeth grinding in children?

This retrospective cohort study included 1682 patients (818 male, 864 female; mean age 31 years) who were referred to the University Hospitals Leuven for third molar removal.

Age estimation helped solve a recent European case where a man was tortured and then murdered in a brutal fashion: his hands were tied and he had received multiple flesh wounds before finally dying.

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