10 dentistry books published in january 2022 - Part II

Dentistry as any profession linked to science does not stop. New investigations and works are carried out month by month and books have become the main dissemination mechanism.

We share with the entire dental community the second list of 10 dental books published in january 2022 and available on Amazon.

StatPearls Publishing Review Series strives to help you learn the pearls in National Board Dental Exam (NBDE) Part II. This text contains 515 multiple-choice questions with explanations that are linked to additional online references.

Do you want to REPLACE some of your clients because you are not satisfied with their work? Like you, too, when I was a dental technician, I had dentist clients who made me lose the desire to go to work sometimes.

Enhance your learning with a wealth of interactive exercises for practice, reinforcement, and recall! An indispensable companion to the textbook, the Student Workbook for The Administrative Dental Assistant, 5th Edition combines the key objectives and content of the book with challenging exercises ― putting the information you need into a practical context.

This new edition incorporates recent advances in research and presents up-to-date treatment recommendations for clinical practice. New and expanded chapters address topics such as abnormal root growth associated with tooth Impaction, improvements in the diagnosis of pathologic entities using cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT), root and crown resorption, and treating abnormal incisor root development caused by past trauma.

The book also includes discussion of the impact of natural ageing processes, satiety and taste perception as these associate with oral (and systemic) health.

The masticatory system is very complex because it is made up of multiple structures that coordinate different orofacial functions. They usually function without complication, but if any of these is affected, pathology can develop.

This book is written with practical and clinical orientation, proving to the readers a clear correlation of the most common hard tissue appearances in the orofacial region in both health and disease.

Oral Pathology for the Dental Hygienist: With General Pathology Introductions, 8th Edition offers the most trusted general and oral pathology information that’s tailored to the specific role and responsibilities of the dental hygienist, while reflecting the content on the national board exam.

This textbook details the latest diagnostic and management options available when treating patients with diseases affecting the oral mucosa. It comprehensively covers the content required to successfully pass dermatology and stomatology board examinations, while being a valuable resource for dentistry trainees.

This book is keeping up with the advanced edge of the international research field of oral microbiology. It innovatively gives us a complete description of the oral microbial systems according to different oral ecosystems.

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