Bruxism is excessive teeth grinding or jaw clenching that affects up to one out of every three people. Common symptoms of bruxism include hypersensitive teeth, aching jaw muscles, headaches, neck pain, permanent tooth wear/damage, and damage to dental restorations.

For patients with bruxism, enCore Guard's custom mouth guard can reduce the symptoms while also protecting your teeth.

4 DIFFERENT GUARDS TO CHOOSE FROM - for different degrees of bruxism, enCore offers 4 different types of mouth guards to best protect your teeth (see our catalog in images above). 1: Hard 2: Soft 3: Dual layer (hard/soft hybrid) 4: Daytime Hard

CUSTOM FIT - our mouth guards are designed and fabricated specifically to fit either your upper or lower teeth. You get to pick which! 

SAVE TIME AND MONEY - buy direct from a dental lab and save hundreds when compared to an equivalent guard sold elsewhere 

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - we'll cover all shipping costs to adjust as necessary until your mouth guard is 100% perfect! enCore is a professional dental laboratory with over 20 years of experience manufacturing dental appliances 

DENTAL INDUSTRY APPROVED - all materials from the US and Germany; BPA and Latex Free. 

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