iPerio 2022: Educational Program - Surgical Masterclass for oral surgeons, periodontists and implantologis - Prof. Giulio Rasperini

iPerio was born to support research and education in the field of Periodontology. Modern periodontology is about working step by step, moving consistently from infection control to regeneration and mucogingival surgery where is needed, being minimally invasive on each step, giving time for tissue to recover in order to achieve maximally esthetical and stable results.

It is not about a technique or regenerative material, not about making fast decisions on tooth prognosis and it is definitely not only about mucogingival procedures. 

Modern periodontology is a personalized medical discipline that puts the patient in the center of treatment process. 

July 11 - 1 5 , 2 0 2 2

It is an English version of our Annual Course, where Italian participants have 6 modules from January till October. 

That is why this 5 days are so intense, full of scientific based theory, and practice.

Participants have a possibility to train their microsurgical skills with operative microscopes, and the 4th day starts with life surgery, where surgical techniques discussed before can be shown on patients. 

The evening program includes cooking masterclass after day 1 and gala dinner on the 4th day.

The last day of masterclass is about multidisciplinary collaboration, touching such significant topics as endo-perio, ortho-perio and implants from the periodontal point of view. 

This 5 days would change completely the way of treatment planning that is why we recommend it for all the dental team that works in your office. 

Because for the periodontist alone will not be easy to do it without a support of colleagues.

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