PDF: Current Status of Digital Complete Dentures Technology

Fabrication of complete dentures (CDs) utilizing computer-aided design and computeraided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) methods has attracted a lot of attention.

The purpose of this paper was to summarize current knowledge about digital CDs and the relevant technology, and to present the application of the new technology in a dental geriatrics case. 

Initially, some of the challenges regarding digitization of the oral mucosa as a supporting surface of the CDs’ intaglio surface are listed.

Next, a brief introduction of the CAD software capabilities regarding CDs is presented. 

The latest CAM additive and subtractive techniques for CDs are following. Subsequently, the consecutive steps for the construction of a digital CD as part of the prosthodontic treatment of a 90-year-old ambulative female patient are presented. 

Finally, some considerations about the digital workflow in CD manufacturing are discussed. 

In conclusion, the new digital technology has clear advantages; however, implementation requires careful planning. The digital workflow is applicable and versatile. 

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